Fighting Games

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Image Game Title Count Date
Fighter Combat Fighter Combat 2940Nov 2010
Operation: Kill Osama bin Laden Operation: Kill Osama bin Laden 2719May 2011
American Chopper American Chopper 2387Nov 2010
Smack-A-Lot : Vampire Smack-A-Lot : Vampire 1571Dec 2010
The Last Knight The Last Knight 1569Nov 2010
Desert Attack Desert Attack 1491Mar 2011
Pandora`s Box Pandora`s Box 1437Nov 2010
Ultimate Chopper Carnage Ultimate Chopper Carnage 1410Nov 2010
Mini RPG Mini RPG 1330Mar 2011
City War City War 1269Apr 2011
F22 the ultimate Revenge F22 the ultimate Revenge 1209Nov 2010
Boxing Clever Multiplayer Game Boxing Clever Multiplayer Game 1207Nov 2010
Driving school Driving school 1203Nov 2010
Dragon Knight Dragon Knight 1143Nov 2010
Putin Fighter Putin Fighter 1126Nov 2010
Fantasy final x99 Fantasy final x99 1100Nov 2010
The Crazy rabbit The Crazy rabbit 1094Nov 2010
Air Defence Air Defence 1090Nov 2010
Slap Mubarak Slap Mubarak 1066Feb 2011
Platinum car R23 Platinum car R23 1048Nov 2010